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Poetry by Nami

Life in words....

Heard that song...'words are all I have'? that defines me.

Writing has never been optional; like eating and breathing, it’s something integral to being alive. Every day, I’m thankful I’ve been lucky enough to make a career from something that brings me so much pleasure.

Writing poems at the tender age of 9 marked the beginning of the first chapter of my literary life. Ever since, I have never let go of my fondness towards poetry and verses that can touch the human heart in ways that cannot be imagined.

Starting at nine, perhaps it was inevitable that I would be calling grappling with words and language, a career—and yes, I am loving every moment.


A little whisper, a little steer, 

is all it took to make things clear…

from years I yelled,

I begged, I fret…

They stayed ignorant, which is why I was compelled…

said the mother as she sat, her arms folded on her chest…


But they are your kids, they are your own,

I have heard they are your pride...

they are fretting, they are sweating, 

I think they now have no one to guide.

With all this ache, I see them caged in their fears,

they have sealed themselves, not letting anybody near…


How about letting go, of your wrath, your displeasure

how about accepting that they now seek no treasure…

They are vulnerable but staying strong

may be the lesson that you conveyed, is clear, its drawn…


I did, I had let go before…but they might just forget,

a big 'what if' is torturing my head.

I love them, I do, but there are more to me than them,

these flies, these trees, there is more to life than these human beings.


Just then the human, over heard and wept,

oh mother, I am sorry, for all the blunder I have let…

I did forsake you, my brothers my sisters,

I went on without regulation, I know that was sinister,

You're my mother and your love is equal to all 

But I fed my egotism, that I was the best of them all…


A second chance I might not deserve,

but try, please try, oh mother, give me a last chance to serve!

...said, mother Earth!

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