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About Me

Words are my identity!

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Keyboard and Mouse

I create stories, stories that can make you believe...

I create content, content that can make you thrive...

I create glimpses, glimpses that chisel your imagination!

With words being my passion, I, Namita Bajaj am a writer at heart and an achiever in being. A celebrated author, noted web journalist, a corporate content creator, digital marketer, a poet, a voice-over artist, and an avid reader, I have crafted numerous professional as well as fictional works for my clients across the globe.


My orientation towards literature, research, and creative intellect has enabled me to pursue a successful career in writing, that also happens to be my second nature! A work experience in the field of content writing, research and creative writing, for over 14 years has fetched me many accolades, including recognition from the prestigious Cambridge University. A published author of two popular titles in the genre of romance fiction, At The Threshold Of Love, 2017 and Cupid Is Complicated, 2019, I strive to continue weaving magic with words. 


My corporate journey includes creating content for over 800 websites globally and has helped me establish a celebrated presence in the virtual world. I am proud to be acclaimed as a wordsmith in the genre of fictional writing, digital marketing and corporate writing. 


My debut book AT THE THRESHOLD OF LOVE, has been acclaimed as the best debut book, year 2017 amongst many other honors in the world of fictional reads. Acclaimed as a “spellbinding read” by the Times of India, “a book that defines romance in the modern times and is worth a read” by the Deccan Chronicle, listed as the top ten romance reads for valentines 2019 and best book by debut author India in 2018, At The Threshold of love is popular as a book that will melt your heart, one breath at a time.

My second book, titled, CUPID IS COMPLICATED, is a story that revolves around the sturdiness of the emotion ‘love’ in today’s era, the essence of it, and also the lack of it. Already listed as the TOP FIVE recommended reads by the Deccan Herald, the book is all set to melt hearts and fill the imagination with faith, love and hope!

Continuing my endeavor to craft word webs for companies across the globe, literally living in the world of words and literature, I am here to create a fictional world that taps at the chords of veiled human emotions!

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